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Le Lii


Who is Lé Lii? 


Sydney Events

Sydney has the great privilege of being supported and activated by Lé Lii. 


Lé Lii is a sexuality coach, embodiment practitioner, and visionary who brings pleasure and liberation to anyone who hungers for awakening.


She has an effortless authenticity that makes her easy to relate to, and a delightful ability to intuitively cut through the BS! She is the manifestation of both strength and softness, power and sensuality; an embodied transmission of the masculine and feminine fully intertwined. 


Throughout her journey, Lé Lii has inhabited many roles in the varied realms of mental, spiritual, and physical wellness.


Bestselling author of “Unf*ck Yourself” (as Zoé Swain), hypnotherapist, bodyworker, naturopathic & raw food nutrition counselor, yoga teacher, and many more.


Lé Lii has even dipped more than a toe into the worlds of professional rodeo and Harley Davidson Motorcycles, as well as being featured on the cover and pages of Women's Weekly Magazine in Australia, HOG Magazine Worldwide, and The Horse Downunder.


She is a mother, a teacher, a creative, and an entrepreneur with a wealth of experience which has allowed her to clarify her ultimate message:


"Embodiment and Sexuality are the keys to showing up in this life as our most potent and authentic selves" 


Currently, Lé Lii guides individuals through their own personal journey to freedom through their consciousness, sexuality and self love at her ‘Integrative School of Sensuality'.


When you take the leap to work with Lé Lii, she will teach you how to:


  • dive deep beyond the surface

  • connect to your sensuality 

  • own your sexuality

  • and become fully embodied as your most authentic self.





What else does Le Lii do?


In addition to this powerful work, Lé Lii also hosts international retreats for women, men, and couples, as well as events, workshops, and 1:1 coaching from her home in Newcastle NSW, Australia.





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Where can I  find more from Le Lii?

Website:  Zoé Swain

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zoeswain
Instagram: LéLii    @lelii_luxe