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Who is Tegan? 


Byron Bay Events

Tegan Cork is bringing Enlightenment in the Bedroom Alive in Byron Bay. Different to the usual Byron style of event, this event brings a new flavour of access to sexuality and relationship content. 

Having embodied the journey from depression to joy, Tegan Cork is a well sought after Self-Love & Sexuality Coach who now inspires, guides and supports men and women who are stuck in a space of frustration, stress and pain to move to one of empowerment, pleasure and purpose!


From years of working with clients one on one, and in contrast also facilitating large corporate groups, she has the ability to tune into your individual needs AND hold the energy of a collective. 


“My intention for being an embodied messenger of this work is to give others permission to explore more about themselves, like ALL of themselves! Only after diving into understanding more about sexuality did I truly realise that I had only just scraped the surface of what is possible for my life.


Opening up to this work I have finally tapped into a source of energy that I now use to create what I desire in every aspect of my life, from relationships to career and everything in between.”


Tuning into her strengths of sensitivity, intuition, boldness and empathy has allowed her to go to the depths as well as celebrate the light. As such, there isn’t anything she is unwilling to talk about.


Her continual curiosity surrounding the energetics of love and relationships has inspired her to create The Love Map and the SOULBODY podcast where she makes it safe to talk about anything. 


“Whether it's having more pleasure in your life, understanding the pain in your relationships or working out how you want to contribute and make money by doing things you love....


Your body is your compass!


It's the place where you store trauma from the past, feel into the moment and can create magic for the future”.

If you want to tap into that part of you that cultivates pleasure, purpose and play, in an environment that educates, inspires and doesn’t judge then these events are the place for you.


What else does Tegan do?



The work Tegan now supports others with, has stemmed from her own experiences and the training she has undertaken to deeply embody it. 

Honest, confronting and transformational processes of connecting and understanding her emotional, physical and intuitive body through training in Psychosomatics, Sex Coaching and being a bad ass White Water River Guide and Sailing Instructor. 



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Where can I  find more from Tegan?

Website:  tegancork.com.au

Facebook: Tegan Cork
Instagram: @_soulbody

Podcast:  SOULBODY