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Sara Elice



Who is Sara? 


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Sunshine Coast's sexuality leader is Sara Elice Allen.  


Sara Elice is an embodiment facilitator and intimacy coach who is passionate about inspiring deep intimacy and empowered relationships in the world.

Sara’s curiosity and excitement for exploration led to her extensive career in Tourism, in which she travelled and worked as a tour guide in some of the most scenic places in Australia. 

It then led her to studying increasingly fascinating alternative therapies. 

Sara studied holistic counselling, crystal therapy, reiki, kundalini dance and tantra. 

What Sara discovered during this time is that what she is deeply passionate about, is guiding people back to their inner wisdom, power, and pleasure. 

After a decade of embodiment practise, Sara has mastered a deep connection and reverence for the innate wisdom of the body and now shares the keys to aligning life with this inner compass. 


“Embodiment is the key to a liberated, intimate, and abundant life”


The way Sara expresses herself is passionate, fun, and authentic, making it easy to relate and leaving you feeling empowered.


When you share this work with Sara, she will guide you how to:


  • slice through any blocks you have to receiving

  • gain and maintain the depth of intimacy you desire 

  • feel powerful within your own body

  • get connected to your own inner compass





What else does Sara do?

Sara shares her personal experiences as a sexually empowered woman to help free people from a dull and disempowered life through 1:1 coaching sessions, educational workshops, and transformative online courses.

Through her new women's tantric embodiment course, The Embodiment Codes, Sara takes you on a journey deeply into your body, to meet the parts that you have repressed, so you can merge with your untapped creative potential and discover what is it you are here to share in the world.


Sara also runs intimacy workshops, kundalini dance courses and online coaching programs.





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Where can I  find more from Sara?

Website:  Sacred Embodiment

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sara.allen.7169/
Instagram: @sacred__embodiment