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Your Voice - Tegan Cork

When I work with people the hardest thing to get them to do is make 𝐬𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐝 ⁣

So many excuses come up but I can see it bottlenecking inside them⁣

The pain, the screams, the grunting, the growling ⁣

All of those sounds, those vibrations, just wanting to get out, to be expressed, to be acknowledged ⁣

But instead it's swallowed down and restricted

Sometimes it escapes as well constructed words but they lack the grounded passionate explosion that the energy was designed for⁣

We quieten ourselves in the bedroom, not wanting others to know we're enjoying ourselves ⁣

We quieten ourselves in the work place, not wanting to challange the hierarchy ⁣

We quieten ourselves in our relationships, fearing that we will say something wrong and they will leave⁣

All this does is delay the inevitable though⁣. Because the truth is you are having fun in the bedroom, you do need to see a change in your work place and maybe that relationship needs to transform

Your voice deserves to be heard in all of it's range⁣

Your emotions deserve to be heard, in all of their range⁣


Words by Tegan Cork Photo Kat Van Rooyen


Tegan Cork

Tegan is a well sought after Self-Love & Sexuality Coach. Having embodied the journey from depression to joy, she now inspires, guides and supports men and women who are stuck in a space of frustration, stress and pain to move to one of empowerment, pleasure and purpose.

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