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You Always Will Be & You Definitely Always Were - Zoé Swain

Oh how I want you to experience freedom, beautiful woman.

I want you to know liberation like it’s the birth mark on your lower back.

I want for you to love your body and revere in the beauty of your pus$y, and dance for yourself because you just love witnessing the magic in those hips.

I want for you to no longer feel judgement, even when it’s there.

I wish for you to be so connected to your inner voice that you hear nothing above it. It’s always your first choice.

I wish for you to be so in love with yourself that you want to spend hours alone, and with others to share your magic with the world.

I don’t give a fuck what you’ve done or where you’ve messed up to this point. I can probably outdo you, seriously. And you are worth of all of the love in the world.

You always will be and you definitely always were.

Words by Zoe Swain Photo Jessica Joseph Unsplash


Zoé Swain Zoé Swain is a sexuality coach, embodiment practitioner, and visionary who brings pleasure and liberation to anyone who hungers for awakening.

Bestselling author of, “Unf*ck Yourself”, Zoé also has a background in hypnotherapy, bodywork, naturopathic & raw food nutrition, and yoga. She is a mother, teacher, creative, and entrepreneur with a wealth of experience that has allowed her to clarify her ultimate message: Embodiment and Sexuality are the keys to showing up in this life as our most potent and authentic selves. 

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