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Unraveling Relating Patterns - Sara Elice

Stop letting your conditioning, genetics and environment define you who you are and how you relate.

There is so much more to life than what you have been taught.

The love, connection, abundance, and pleasure you can experience in this lifetime is limitless.

In this strange time where many are still in isolation, the separation and disconnection you may be feeling is probabaly heightened.

We are moving into a new way of being and relating in the world and now more than ever is such a pivotal time to discover and learn new ways to connect and relate, not only to each other but also to ourselves.

Connection reveals to us the truth of who we are beyond the conditioned mind.

Relationships are our greatest teachers.

I often think being single is so easy and liberating, and easier to stay on purpose because there are less triggers. Intimacy (in-to-me-i-see) is a mirror.

It’s going to bring up all the shit you’ve judged and repressed within you.

Relationships hold the keys to truly knowing ourselves.

Each connection is an opportunity to get to know your true self beyond the dogmatic conditioning of ‘wrong or right’ and learn new ways of expressing your authentic self. It is an opportunity to dance between expressions of your truth, power, love and vulnerability.

And shift from the old paradigm of conditional love and codependent relationships to truly embody the unconditional love that desires to flow through us and all connections.

Are you ready to step out of the old relating patterns that were modelled to us as children, and learn how to develop these kinds of empowering and deeply satisfying connections?

Words by Sara Elice Photo Caitlyn Rose Taylor


Sara Elice Allen

Sara Elice is an embodiment facilitator and intimacy coach who is passionate about inspiring deep intimacy and empowered relationships in the world.

Sara hosts Enlightenment in the Bedroom events in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

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