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Life Force & Eros - Victoria Redbard

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Life force energy is erotic energy are one and the same thing. 

So often erotic energy is confused with sexual energy. Sexual energy is an energy that arises from the genitals in arousal.

Erotic Energy on the other hand is a subtle energy that is with us in every moment when we’re truly alive.

It’s the difference between being alive and truly living. We can see it in a person’s eyes and when we’re in their presence we can feel it. It’s contagious and has us wake up to be present in every moment.

The forest is full of erotic energy. The aliveness of the trees. plants and all of nature.

I spend a lot of time on my laptop and phone due to business and creativity. Thich Nhat Hanh says when we spend more than an hour looking at a screen that world becomes more real than the one we’re living in. This can cause the rhythm of our heart to change and our stress to increase.

I have the sense of forgetting what truly matters. And what it means to be fully alive when this happens.

To balance this. I head out to my garden a few times a day, every day to reconnect. When I walk outside it can be hard to drop in at times. But as I get further into the forest I connect allow my breath to deepen as I smell the sweet grass. I allow my body to move and stretch touching the earth and the rough bark on the trees with the palms of my hands. I hum and chant notes to hear the echos bouncing back towards me. 

In these moments I listen to the wind moving gracefully through the leaves and I get it. The unity, knowing there is no difference between me and nature. The sense of oneness fills me and I’m feeling that erotic energy pulse through my blood. I’m more than just alive in those moments. I’m living.


Victoria Redbard Victoria is a counsellor, speaker, author, researcher, open relating expert and fonder of The Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy. She has studied tantra and sexuality in many countries and now resides in the Gold Coast Australia.

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