Who is Jasmine? 


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Gold Coast is the birthplace of Enlightenment in the Bedroom and has been hosting this premiere event for three years. This exciting re-launch sets the Gold Coast in the vivacious and wildly competent hands of Jasmine Cherie Turner. 

Jasmine Cherie Turner is an exceptional woman who was the very first licensee for Enlightenment in the Bedroom in 2018, hosting a number of events and sexuality speakers in her hometown of Brisbane. 


After a successful career working alongside the business world’s elite, Jasmine’s dove into the world of sacred sexuality and quickly established herself as a voice for the divine femine, creating The Divine Feminine Collective in 2016. From this time, she began speaking at workshops and retreats empowering women to cultivate the intimacy they desire with themselves first and foremost and also within their relationships. 


In 2019, Jasmine founded Sacred Pathways, a not for profit social enterprise with a vision to empower social change through in-person and online workshops and initiatives with a strong focus on Australian rural and regional communities.

“Real intimacy; real love has to do with a joining of the mind, a joining of the spirit, a joining of the heart". - Marianne Williamson

More recently, she has ventured back into the more structured realms of business as  a wildly passionate and embodied strategy and operational excellence alchemist who holds a vision that influencers, entrepreneurs and visionaries create strong foundations for their business empires.

This combination of deliciously, wild feminine, with her astute and direct energy for business, gives her a leading edge that sees her at the forefront. Her ability to alchemise strategy and spirit is what has been the catalyst for change and transformation amongst the high level entrepreneurs & influencers she works with today,


What else does Jasmine do?



Jasmine has also created a business excellence school for high performing entrepreneurs and integrators to teach key foundational pieces across leadership, strategy & operational excellence that will collapse time and skyrocket their businesses and careers. 

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Where can I  find more from Jasmine?

Website:  jasminecherie.com.au

Facebook: Sacred Pathways
Instagram: @jasminecherieofficial