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Who is Ej? 


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Brisbane, your world is changing with Ej Love as your Enlightenment in the Bedroom Host!  


Emma Jane (Ej) Love is  a Self-Love, Intimacy and Relationship Coach who has worked with thousands of women around the world, helping them to have deeper connections in their relationships and intimacy as well as with themselves.

Ej is the Author of the International Bestselling Book ‘Become the One’ which is a self-help book guiding readers to heal from co-dependent relationships and move into deep self-love and conscious relating.


She has truly lived an interesting and controversial life.  Among many other powerful and opening life experiences, she was able to go from working in the sex industry as an escort, into becoming a Tantrika, Sexual Healer and Sex Coach for men helping them to heal from traumas, addictions and intimacy fears among others so that they can experience true love. 



"The more free you are in your sexuality, the more aligned you are in your soul 


Her work evolved again in the last three years into coaching and facilitating workshops for women. In this field she has expanded on her knowledge from years of working with men, to be able to teach women to understand and love men in ways they’d never previously been able to. This includes teaching them how to  love their own masculine energy as well as release the roles and identities that have been preventing them from having the love and intimacy they really want.


Ej has years of experience speaking around the world on stages to thousands about sex, relationships, intimacy and love at festivals, seminars, retreats and conferences. 

As Brisbane’s host of Enlightenment in the Bedroom, Ej brings 10 years of experience along with her vibrance and often humorous energy to the stage.



What else does Ej do?

A New Zealand expat, Ej currently lives on the Gold Coast, and is loving it up inside of an inspiring relationship with her fellow Kiwi partner ‘Bear’.  









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Where can I  find more from E j?

Website:  Ej Love

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ejlove
Instagram: Ej Love Official Instagram (ejloveofficial)