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Who is Cam? 


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Cam is Australia's leading Men's Sex Coach. 


He is deeply passionate about exploring the Human experience, from sensuality to spirituality. He is fascinated by the evolution of Tantra and psychonautics, especially the development of awareness and mindfulness. His mission is to challenge the narratives around masculinity and sexuality and offer a new model of male sexuality. He has written articles for Medium, Rolling Stone, PopSugar, Paradigm Shift Magazine and many other publications. He is also a published poet and has conducted studies concerning emotional intelligence, ethical decision making, men’s sexuality and male multiple orgasms.


"“In order to healthily express, we first need to know and understand ourselves. A great sex life, and by extension a fulfilling life, is grounded in being comfortable with your sexual identity and your sexual policy. Sexual expression is a form of self-expression and neuroscience is teaching us that self-expression is the most important way to grow, navigate and connect with one another” - Cam Fraser" 


Cam studied Western psychology, sexology, counselling and psychotherapy at several prominent American and Australian universities. He is also a qualified Tantric Yoga teacher, Tantric masseur and guided meditation instructor. He practiced Peyotism with the medicine men of the Sonoran Desert and participated in a longitudinal study on psilocybin micro-dosing during his time in California. In Thailand he was ordained as a Buddhist monk of the Theravada tradition and in Peru he observed the Shamans from the ayahuasqueros of the Amazon rainforest.

Cam considers himself a pioneer of conscious male sexuality. He has organized and hosted sacred sexuality workshops, festivals and seminars. He has spoken at a TEDx event about relationships and has also been honored by Lifeline WA with a community leadership award for championing the cause of mental health and emotional well-being. He has addressed audiences as a guest speaker at various universities and schools across America and Australia.


What else does Cam do?


Cam is a regular guest on several radio shows across Australia and has featured on over 50 different podcasts from all around the world. He also has his own podcast, entitled “Men, Sex & Pleasure,” where he disusses masculinity, sexuality, male bodies and men’s experiences of pleasure with some of the world’s leading experts, coaches and innovators in these areas. As a World Association of Sex Coaches Certified Professional Sex Coach, American College of Sexologists Certified Sexologist and one of Lovehoney Australia’s Resident Sexperts, he has also helped a diverse range of clients overcome their individual sexual struggles.





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Website:  www.cam-fraser.com

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