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to feel Amazingly Delicious in your Body?

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Relationships, Intimacy and Sexual Wellness


Regular, Live Events

for Women and Men

This event is for the women and men who desire to know more about who they really are as a sexual being. Who want more from their pleasure, intimacy, relationships, connections and are curious to learn. Those who realise that to really have wellness in your life, it has to include your sexual wellness. 

Enlightenment in the Bedroom is a 3 hour, multi speaker, luxury event opening the conversations we NEED to have about sex, relationships and intimacy in a fun and relevant way. 

For three years this event has brought incredible speakers to the women of the Gold Coast. 

Now, 2020 is bringing this same luxury event to Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne!


Do you want to leave the old ways of 'doing' sex in the past where they belong?

  • Feel ALIVE in your body & INSPIRED in your relating

  • Activate your Sexual Wellness and Sensuality

  • Learn all the things you were never taught about sex (& you won't learn from porn)

  • Understand how to communicate with your partner (or potential partners!)

  • Be free of your sexual conditioning that stops you from experiencing true intimacy

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What  to Expect...

Enlightenment in the Bedroom is a fun event where you will hear from experts in the field of Sexual Wellness.

Yes, There's wine, there's nibbles and
fascinating topics that will expand your sexual and relationship literacy in all the ways. 
Yes, You will get to meet other people also interested in conscious relating, and yes, you will get time to ask the questions relevant to you during the panel segment. 

No, you will not have to share your deepest fears and inner most feelings and no, there is no work to be done or nudity or sharing circles. 

Yes, the topics are about sex and relationships and so you may still find some of the conversations or topics confronting, that's okay, just be aware that it's not a therapy room. 

Yes, both sexes are invited to be present, and no, you don't have to bring your partner. 

Yes, photos will be taken on the evening. 

No, this is not a hook up event. 

No, there is no judgment.

No, this is not a space that preaches any kind of dogma.

Yes, you are expected to dress business casual at a minimum. 

Yes, you MAY win gifts worth thousands of dollars on the evening from the presenters! 

Yes, you should bring your friends! 

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Our Story

Enlightenment in the Bedroom began in early 2017 in response to an excited demand and curiosity from women of the Gold Coast Australia. The events were originally founded by Belinda Wearne as part of her crowdfunded launch of her product Yoni Elixir. She invited some special speakers on sacred sexuality, and a large audience showed up to hear from them. 

It was clear that there was a big gap between what most people want and need to know about sex, and the (seemingly) cult like worlds of tantra and sexuality workshops.  


And this makes no sense.

We ALL have sex. We ALL came from sex. We are ALL sexual beings. And we need to know the truth about sex, about better ways of creating relationships, and about how we can feel more deeply the love and embodiment that brings the intimacy we desire. 

Enlightenment in the Bedroom is the event that fills that gap and as more and more women and speakers showed up, the events just naturally continued on!  Now, in collaboration with Victoria Redbard and her company Unified Vitality, Enlightenment in the Bedroom is launching Australia wide and then will spread her wings to go global. 

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